The Situation

People are creating lots of new data every day. According to a Seagate study conducted by IDC, we will reach 175 Zettabytes* of data globally within 2025. With the increasing popularity of digital photos and videos, people need more storage to keep their precious digital data. Storing all this data in the cloud might be a good approach, but it makes sharing this data in a family or an office a real burden due to still insufficient bandwidth for Internet access.

Therefore, lots of people are already using or plan to use a so-called network attached storage (NAS) in their local network to store and share all their files. Those boxes are a convenient way to locally host your data.

However, it is not a true backup, since the box itself is usually not immune to loss or physical damage, even if you have multiple hard disks inside and mirror them.

*1 Zettabyte = (1021) bytes, which equals approx. 1 billion hard disks with 1 TB capacity each

The Problem

Users store their data at home or office on their NAS boxes. This means that the NAS becomes a single point of failure: data can be lost due to user errors or the hardware has a defect. Even more dramatic, the box can be stolen or destroyed by a disaster.

Also, the upload of large volumes of data can take a significant amount of time, requiring user attention, and it significantly drains the available bandwidth during the upload.

The Solution

CloudCuber is your perfect application to bring robust and secure backup to your NAS box. It not only automatically manages all your data transfers to your cloud storage, but also allows you to determine the schedule when to do it. This will shift the uploads to off-peak hours and thus optimize your bandwidth usage at home or at your office.

It also encrypts your data locally on your box before it leaves your premises. This means your data cannot be read – not on its way to your cloud storage, nor by the storage provider itself. Not even the names of your files can be read, an extra security measure should the names themselves contain sensitive information about the content.

Additionally, you can choose to create revisions of your files. If a file changes, it will not just be replaced in the cloud, but the previous version will be also stored for as long as you wish. This gives you not only the option to roll back to an earlier version in case you accidently changed something and want to undo it, but also gives you another line of defense against malware attacks that try to encrypt your data and blackmail you. You simply go back to the original file and you are done.

CloudCuber vs. Cloud Storage?

What are the differences between CloudCuber and “regular” cloud storage offerings such as Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox?

First, CloudCuber is a backup of your data. It does not make data available on all your devices at any time. Think of it as a safe for your data. You alone can put things in and no one else can access it. Your data cannot be shared, which makes it more robust against accidental sharing or an unauthorized access to your whole account. Only you can access your data, and only if you have your local NAS with your credentials.

CloudCuber is not meant to replace your cloud storage, if you already have one, but to complement it with high-level data security and therefore substantially increase your resilience against data loss.

It Was Never Easier to Gain Peace of Mind

Setting up CloudCuber only requires a few steps: Install the app, select your cloud provider, and create your very own personal security credentials. You can access your files at the NAS the way you are used to. No further action is needed. Once you have created your backup schedule, you can lean back and relax and use your notebook for what it was meant for, and not for uploading data the whole day!

And if your NAS hardware fails, no problem, we’ve got you covered! Just install a new one like the one before, take your known credentials and you re-create your files automatically in the background. It has never been easier to recover your digital assets!

Data Security

As a German company, we stick to one of the strictest data security laws in the World and of course comply with GDPR. A world-first is the local encryption of all your data as well as obfuscating the file names before they are uploaded. This means that you are the only person on the planet who can decrypt and read your data. This prevents “data mining” at the cloud storage provider end and even therefore supports the requirements of lawyers or medical doctors for storing their client data.